We are a creative studio established in 2013 in the dynamic neighbourhood of Lavapiés, Madrid. A space where convey concerns for investigation and experimental development outside-in design.

Obsessed with the local, typography, the tangible and the digital, TOS has born as a studio-workshop focused on exploring across multiple disciplines new concepts and techniques. With scrupulous attention to detail we develop projects from scratch to its final production creating coherent and outstanding experiences. Want to know more? Here are some of our Things.

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Gonzalo Azores
Designer & Co-founder

Sergio Juncos
Designer & Co-founder

Quique Fernández Pastor

We aren’t alone on this trip. An itinerant team of photographers, writers, illustrators and craft-men gives plasticity to our structure.



Our place is in a quiet corner at the artistic Madrid’s heart, immersed in the multicultural neighbourhood of Lavapiés, form which we feel quite proud.

Fully devoted to this personal project, the development of a creative space where the exploration shapes our hallmark and development. Here a solid team of creatives from different design disciplines – off and online, branding, editorial or art direction – together with a technological gurus and bohemian writers leave their ideas unleashed.


Photography Studio

In TOS we are aware of, how the good old design professor used to say, the importance of dominating the pillars of the most pure graphic design: typography, illustration and photography… those are your prime weapons!

We declare ourselves deeper lovers of this art-science, so we had installed a fully equipped photography studio in our basement, from which we explore techniques, develop personal projects and cover all photography clients necessities.


Screenprint Studio

We admitted. We love to touch things, smell them and get our hands dirty – but no tongue of course! We are convinced the world belongs to those who get their hands dirty. So since we had some spare meters in our multi-space basement, we decided to make our very own high quality prints using the millenary technique of screenprint.

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