Last weekend we had all neighbourhood surrounded by art and craft. They guys from DecorAcción made it this year again for sixth time, where they got all local design and art shops plus architecture and interior design students organised to give a vibrant weekend of shopping and artistic sighting to all of us.

As last year, a good bunch of interior design and architecture students choose one market stall from the Mercado de Antón Martín, and used as a personal project to design an integrated interior for the chosen businesses. The market now looks stunning and many stall owners had decided to keep the hard work as permanent decoration for the shop.

This is a craftsmen reunion, professionals from many parts of Madrid and Spain gather these four days together with all year shops and get all the craft on the streets, making it accessible and visible to all visitors and neighbours.

To leave with the perfect taste, some restaurants from the area had taken their food to the streets and joined this creative party, and if you prefer to cook at home, local farmers had bought their organic stuff too, so no excuse to eat great these days at DecorAcción.

Decoracción 2015. Barrio de las Letras. TOSdecoraccion-2015-tos-estudio-03